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Cannabis Turn Key Businesses For Sale!

Updated: May 20

#1. Turn Key Dispensary Retail, Distribution For Sale Includes Real Estate

(Vallejo, CA) Rare opportunity to own an established Dispensary, Distribution License and the Real Estate. This Dispensary was the 1st one issued in Solano County ! Its located at a very busy intersection and has been servicing consumers for 10+ years and has even been dubbed the counties most premier cannabis destination! 

In 2018, the business did $2.65mil in Gross Sales and $5.9mil in 2019 from the Dispensary alone not counting the sales the Distribution License can bring in. 2020, in Q1 the shop is on pace to do $7.5mil!!! All figures can be verified!

The shop has a solid team in place which handles almost everything from logistics, marketing, customer service and administrative tasks. This is a truly well managed business from A-Z, offering an easier transition for the new owner where the established foundation created can help the new owner scale the company.  Licenses:  Retail- Recreational (Adult Use) and Medical License issued for Retail Sales Distribution- Distributor licensees are responsible for transporting cannabis goods, arranging for testing of cannabis goods, and conducting quality assurance review of cannabis goods to ensure they comply with all the packaging and labeling requirements. Distributor transport licenses allow for the transport of cannabis goods between licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors.

Details: Lot Size: 19,000 sqft Building Size: 995 sqft Medical & Recreational Sales Allowed 2018 Gross Revenue: $2.65mil 2019 Gross Revenue: $5.9mil Real Estate Is Included in Price (Real Estate Appraised Normal Business $750,000, Asking $1M for Cannabis Business)

Asking Price $7.9mil +3% FEES

#2. PRE-ICO Turn-Key Cannabis Dispensary w/ Delivery Business For Sale

(Encino, CA) This is one of the original Pre-ICO established prior to 2007 Cannabis Dispensaries in LA. This is a turn-key opportunity with both long-term stability and the potential for exponential growth. If you are looking for a flagship store or looking to add to your portfolio, this is a great opportunity for you. In 2019 the shop grossed $3M and is on pace to do $3.5mil in 2020. This dispensary includes a delivery service as well as a storefront. Management and staff members know their roles and expectations that are required of them, so the shop runs like a clock.

The dispensary is located in a prosperous neighborhood, which attracts a higher ticket number. Recently, gentrification has been driving more retail foot traffic to the surrounding businesses. Details: Rent: $8,000/monthSpace: 2,700 sqft Licenses: Adult-Use Recreational & Medicinal Sales Freshly repaved private parking with 5 spaces Recently underwent a fully paid low six-figure renovation

Licenses: Retail Storefront- Facility where medical cannabis, medical cannabis products, or devices for the use of medical cannabis or medical cannabis products are offered, either individually or in any combination, for retail sale, including an establishment that delivers, pursuant to express authorization by local ordinance, medical cannabis and medical cannabis products as part of a retail sale.Non-Storefront Retail Delivery: Off-Premises Sales, Direct-To-Consumer.

Asking Price: $5,000,000.00+3% FEES

#3. Massive Brand with Large Vertically-Integrated, Multi-License Cannabis Company If you are looking for a strategic geographic footprint not only in the California cannabis market but also in Puerto Rico, this is the Multi-License opportunity for you !  Household Brand Name with Operating Licenses, Brand Recognition, Intellectual Property, and Real Assets to penetrate the market from ‘Seed to Sale’ for both Retail and Delivery. This opportunity comprises approximately 61,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, this is a leading cannabis company with operations in California and Puerto Rico.  Highlights:  16 Canna-Business Licenses

Owns and operates a robust catalogue of licenses that are both operational and under construction for statewide home delivery, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, dispensary, and retail delivery. 3 Production Facilities and Delivery Fleet to Service Statewide Retail and Delivery Demand Operates a state-of-the-art delivery fleet in addition to 61,000+ sf of commercial and retail space, including a flagship retail store best positioned in Palm Springs along with facilities near Downtown LA, Puerto Rico, and Chatsworth. Branding is a Key to our Success: Premier Cannabis Trademarks and Web Domains Owns and operates trademarks for branded retail stores / consumer delivery and for cannabis products.  Cannabis Landlord Rental Profit Revenue Owns a landlord revenue generating entity, that holds a master lease and subleases of a 40,000 sfqt production building in Chatsworth, CA for a rental profit of $80,000/month. Puerto Rico Consumer Delivery Operations Partnership with a chain of 6 dispensaries in the island of Puerto Rico to provide delivery service to their clientele as well as any other consumers seeking deliveries on the Island.

Asking Price: $20,000,000.00+3% FEES

#4. Turn-Key Cannabis Delivery, Manufacturing Type 6 & Distribution Business For Sale (San Luis Obispo County) Rare opportunity to own a Turn-Key Delivery, Manufacturing and Distribution Business the company is located in San Luis Obispo County (Population of 283k). The Deliveries are mobile, at the moment 3/4s of the cities in California do not allow the sale or operations of cannabis businesses within their city. However, deliveries are able to capitalize on this and freely advertise and deliver to customers in these cities. This business has all three licenses in operation and is currently expanding its delivery radius to meet forecasted demand.

Right now the business is doing $60k/month in gross sales, this is only from the Delivery alone not factoring the other licenses. There is huge growth potential, simply by bringing on more drivers and expanding the delivery radius you can reach more consumers. This year the company launched their Distribution as well and can now provide the best vendor service in the industry all across California. Details: Delivery, Manufacturing, Distribution Space: 1,000 sqft Rent: $3,300/month Lease: 5 YR Uses: Recreational & Medicinal (Local & State Approved)

Licenses: Non-Storefront Retail Delivery: Off-Premises Sales, Direct-To-Consumer Distributor: Distributor licensees are responsible for transporting cannabis goods, arranging for testing of cannabis goods, and conducting quality assurance review of cannabis goods to ensure they comply with all the packaging and labeling requirements. Distributor transport licenses allow for the transport of cannabis goods between licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors.Manufacturing Type 6: Can conduct extractions using non-volatile solvents or mechanical methods on the licensed premises, provided that the extraction process is noted on the application form and the relevant information is provided to the Department pursuant to subsection (b) of Section 40128. Can conduct packaging and labeling of cannabis products on the licensed premises

Asking Price: $1,900,000.00 +3% FEES

#5. Santa Ana Turn-Key Retail Dispensary & Distribution License This Dispensary is very well established and has all proper licensing along with their Provisional License from the state of California. This is an amazing opportunity for someone that is looking for a Turn-Key Cannabis Dispensary in Socal that has a Full-Absentee model in place.The shop has a 4.9 Star on Weedmaps, the largest most well known marketing site for cannabis business. In 2018, the dispensary grossed over $3.2mil, from just the retail alone not including the Distribution license.

This shop is full absentee and employee ran, with current owner spending minimal time and resources towards management and the business operations.The shop is in a great location along with opportunity for expansion and growth by applying for Manufacturing and Cultivation licenses. Seller has indicated that they are open to a small % of Seller Financing with the right group. Licenses:  Retail & Distribution in HandCan obtain Manufacturing and Cultivation Licenses


Total Space: 6,420 sqft P.O.S. Gross Sales 2018: $3.2mil12 Display cases, 3 point of sales stationsHuge lobby and a very Large Med room, seats up to 15 Hours of operation: 10am-8pm, 7 days a week Employees: 9 Wholesale Inventory: YTD Inventory amount (6/6) $172,090 Plenty of Parking Spots

Lease: Lease Term: 5 years Rate: $17,484 NNN Reason For Selling: Owner is focused on a large scale 10 figure size Cultivation in Northern California.

Asking Price: $4,500,000.00+3% FEES

#6. Turn-Key Cannabis Manufacturing Type 7 Volatile Business For Sale

(California City) Ready to start extracting today? Here is your chance! This is a rare opportunity to own a fully operational Manufacturing, processing and packaging facility! The sellers are including all equipment and licensing needed to step in and start manufacturing immediately. Sellers have Annual licenses in hand !

This facility is located north of Los Angeles in California City. California City is one of the main epicenters for cannabis business and one of the most tax friendly cities in California. There are a lot of opportunities to expand as the local jurisdictions and landlord are very friendly towards cannabis and want the industry to succeed. California City also permits cultivation and distribution. 

All of the build out and compliance inspections are completed. The owner has approval from the fire chief, both local and state licenses in hand. All can be verified during due diligence.


Manufacturing Type 7 – allows for extraction using a volatile or non-volatile solvent. The apparatus has passed all engineering field verifications and the facility is currently approved for use with butane, propane and ethanol. This facility includes all aspects of the extraction and/or infusion processes, including processing, preparing, holding, storing, packaging, or labeling of cannabis products. Seller also has local approval for a Distribution Transport-Only license, and should have final approval from the BCC soon.

Details: Rent: $3,600/month NNN Lease: 3 YR w/ a 5 YR (Landlord open to a long term lease) Space: 1,200 sq ft Power: 200 AMP 3 Phase Parking: 2 Assigned, plenty of additional parking ANNUAL LICENSE IN HAND

Equipment List: The Extraction Apparatus: Precision X10 MSE( approved for butane, propane, and ethanol) Edwards 18 vacuum pump Julabo Heater SL 12 Julabo Chiller FP88 Haskel Pneumatic pump 10HP Screw air compressor with tank and dryer(Precision sells a turn key X10MSE setup with pumps and chillers for about $175k) Ancillary Equipment:Buchi 2L Roto Vap Fisher Isotemp 3028 Chiller.

Asking Price: $750,000.00+3% FEES

Must sign an NDA/Waiver and have PROOF OF FINANCIALS before any other detailed information is released. NO EXCEPTIONS SO PLEASE DO NOT REACH PUT IF YOU HAVE POF TO SHOW!



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