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Fix N Flip or Rental Loans Available!

Updated: May 20

One Man’s (JUNK) Garbage

Another Man's Treasure!

That Commercial Loan Request That You

Are About to Dismiss or Throw

Away Might Instead

Make You A Big Profit!!!   A BIG Profit!!!

We Represent Hundreds of “Unique and Under The Radar” Lenders and Investment Firms “Who Can Fund” Difficult Commercial Loans in Most Parts of The World that a Bank or Conventional Lender Would Never Consider “for Any Number of Reasons”


Fix N Flips or Rentals!

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List of the Types of Loans Available

For both acquisitions of businesses, start-ups

and construction projects of $1,000,000 USD and up,

both domestic as well as international,

we represent a bond consulting company who can

structure capital raises where the client can

accomplish these type transactions with less

than 2% cash contribution and sometimes with

as little as 1.4% cash contribution

Since we are commercial loan brokers representing several hundred non bank lenders who provide financing for tough commercial situations we do not have specific parameters with respect to credit scores, geography, industry type, loan size, collateral or lack thereof etc.

As noted above, we are interested in ALL commercial loan requests that are for any reason you cannot find a home for.

We have NO upfront processing fee and will never require your clients name or any contact information until AFTER we have gotten a pre-approval from a lender with specific terms based on the information the borrower provides on our loan worksheet and you have been protected by them signing our agreement that assures your broker payment at closing.

Loan size can be for as little as $25,000 in the United States and well into the hundreds of millions of dollars both domestically and internationally and might be for a land loan, construction or renovation loan, church loan, start-up, company in Chapter 11, gas station or topless bar. There is really no business type that is off limits from farms to goldmines. If it is a legally organized business that needs capital we are at the very least interested.

Please let us know of any specific commercial transaction you would like to get a specific quote on. That process is always free and without obligation of any kind.

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