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Learn More about Visio's 30-Yr SFR Rental Loans

Updated: May 21

So many visitors and real estate investors ask me if I know a great leader. It is so important to have lenders on your team of real estate professionals. We can never have too many lenders available to us to invest in more properties.

I recently learned about Visio Lending, and thought they would be a good solution to help you grow your rental portfolio. See more information about their products and services below.

Visio Lending is the nation's premier lender for buy and hold investors, offering flexible, long-term loans for single-family residential rental properties, including vacation (short-term) rentals. Buy and hold investors across the U.S. love and trust Viso because they offer:

Full 30 year terms No DTI or personal income qualifications No tax returns or 4506 requirements Up to 75% LTV on cash-out refinances and 80% LTV on purchases

December is prime-time bargain shopping for real estate investors.  With consumers focused on the holidays, the most savvy investors capitalize on less competition to snap up great investment property deals.

The Process is fast, simple and dependable:

- No tax returns. No personal financial statements.  No W-2s. - No personal DTI. Property level cash flow driven using a DSCR - Borrow in the name of a corporate entity to protect personal assets  - 30-Day seasoning - Modest reserve requirements - Product feature flexibility enables investors to tailor their loan for transitional properties or permanent finance - And more importantly, we are a proven direct lender --closing over 6,000 SFR rental loans

Already have a client in mind who could take advantage of this program? Give your account executive a call today to run your next scenario.

Do you own rental properties?

Do you own vacation and short term rental properties?

Do you have any rental properties you are interested in fulling cash-out so you can expand your rental portfolio?

Are you interested in purchasing new rental properties?

Do you own 10 or less rental properties?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then click the "Learn More" button to find out how we can help you get a loan.

We can help if you...

  • Have been turned down by banks or do not qualify for investment property government financing.

  • Want to cash-out after 30 day seasoning.

  • Are looking to buy or pull cash-out of rental properties in other states.

  • Are looking to buy or pull cash-out of rental properties and can not document income.

  • Are looking to buy or pull cash-out of rental properties and cannot document taxes.

NO DSCR, 10 YR IO, -25 bps on Rates

Visio Lending is expanding our product offerings and lowering our rates, so our wonderful brokers can expand their reach and provide their clients with superior financing.

Here is what's new:

  • New lowered rates, down by 25 bps

  • 10-YR IO Product

  • NO DSCR Loan Product

  • Our Small Balance Commercial Loan Program

**(Low lender fees and YSP Program available)

Ready to send us your deals and build wealth with Visio?

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