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Multi-Family List

Updated: 4 days ago

Master List of Off Market Multi-Family and Hotels and Portfolio properties.

Note:  LOI, POF/company Bio, And signed NCND will be needed to release financials if you are interested in proceeding. No commitment to buy until you go through your due diligence period to make sure the numbers work for you!

Seller's rep that I'm working with for these is not providing anymore info or presentation materials unless interested buyer provides a non-binding LOI, NCND, and POF or company Bio.  I've got to follow Seller guidelines. If it is not posted here I don't have it to give. Request NCND by email at j.wright2145@twc.com and provide the line number and address or description (from this page) if provided here. I also can provide a sample LOI for the buyer.


Glorii List Updated 10/05/2020

Check out this list of rental properties for sale in AZ

Here is a 64 units Single Family homes Portfolio in AZ


Hotels, Multi Family and Single Family Package Deal

WN updated 7/5/20

Multi Family List

Hotels List

WN AirTable list 6/13/20

New Multi Family List with Financials on tabs at the bottom

WN Updated 6/26/20

Baltimore MD Properties One note and 9 properties for sale) Click tabs at the bottom

DC Updated 7-1-20

Nationwide Multi Family List

Glorii updated 7/12/20

MF Direct To Buyer Only

WN Updated 7/15/20

10% CapRate Under 100 Doors and One with 405 Units

DJ Updated 7/17/20

When you request more info on any properties on the list above, I will send you a NCND for the buyer to sign and will need you to send back with it an LOI and POF/Bio.

More added daily! Please check back!

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