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Multi Family Properties In OH and KY

Updated: Jul 25

For more details, pics and financials for the portfolios below, a signed NCND, LOI and POF is required.


529 Elberon, Cincinnati, Ohio 45205

Deduced Price! Was $2.8 million. 

Depending on the terms; I think a transaction at 2.7 million is possible. Using actual numbers based, it is a 8% cap rate now!   It is 66 units, 11 buildings clustered together, with parking. There are 6 efficiencies, 39 - one bedrooms, and 21 - two bedrooms.   The owner wants to sell because he just bought a 500 unit complexes and wants to concentrate on it.  He does want to sell it, but is not desperate.  .      #2 ***FIRESALE - Unlisted and direct to the owner - 3311-3315 Warsaw is 13 units with parking. All the tenants have been evicted and rehab has started.  There is separated heat.  There are 12 – two bedrooms and 1 – one bedroom.  These are off market, but available.  You can get the 13 unit for $210,000 if cash.   Click HERE FOR VIDEO: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4df2h4557ew6rzj/AAAMg4r2bSUd5NStd1rlEZPja?dl=0 unlisted and direct to the owner.   27 rented apartments plus 8-11 retail spaces.    3701 ST Lawrence, Cincinnati, Ohio $2,190,000

#3 ***$300,000 Equity.   There is a condo on the 21st floor in Newport Kentucky.  It’s a penthouse.   If you buy it at $675,000, the build out will be $250,000.   The finish condo will sell for 1.3 to 1.5 million.  Email for details.  The view is the greatest in Northern Kentucky.  It’s the highest building in Newport, Kentucky.   You can see Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana from this condo.  

#4 Unlisted and direct to the owner.    42 units in Columbus, Ohio.   36 one bedrooms and 12 – two bedrooms.   Off street parking. 

#5 ***35-unit HAP building in Ohio.   Seller wants $47,000 a door.  

#6 I have a development project in downtown Cincinnati. 

#7 B class – parking garage.  Elevator.   848 Riverview, Dayton, Ohio 48 units $3,600,000.   Email for details. 

#8 4 unit – 2125 N main, Dayton, Ohio.  All one bedroom.  Separated heat.   $80,000.  3 units are rented.  Recently remodeled.   Rents are $595, $595, and $495.   Email for details.    

#9 There are 166 units in Dayton, Ohio for $6,250,000.  There are offers in on this.   

#10 There is 11 units that is student housing

#11 50 units in Avondale.

#12 There is a 190-unit complex in Toledo, Ohio for 8 million.  Current cap rate 6%.  

#13 Unlisted and direct to the owner.   16 unit at 3777 W Liberty, Cincinnati.   The units are all 2 bedrooms.   All units are rented for $600.   $700,000.    

#14 Unlisted and direct to the owner.  20 units, all one bedroom.   $900,000.  Embassy Flats at 4173 Pleasure, Cincinnati, Ohio. I am getting fresh photos and updated financials later in the week.   

#15 Unlisted and direct to the owner   8321 – 8333 Anthony Wayne, Cincinnati, 24 units, one bedroom $850,000.    15 are rented now.  Only 2 units left to do renovations.  Email for rent roll and financials.    **same owner has 559 Elberon**  

#16 **Unlisted and direct to the owner.   559 Elberon, Cincinnati, Ohio 12 units.  There are 6 – one bedroom and 6 – two bedrooms.   There are only 2 vacancies.     $500,000. 


**this is very close to the 66 unit**

#18 Unlisted and direct to the owner.   694 Gholson, Cincinnati – 17 units.  Seller said to reject all offers under $600,000.


****There are other properties on Gholson!!! Email for details. 

#20 Unlisted and direct to the owner.   I have 7 single family units all owned by the same owner.  He will sell for $48,000 a door. 

#21 Unlisted and direct to the owner.   There is another owner who has 5 single families with a different owner.  

#22 715 - 721 N Gettysburg, Dayton, Ohio 20 units - $495,000.   Email for financials.   

#23 Unlisted and direct to the owner.   There are 126 units all owned by the same owner.   All the units are not at the same location; but several of the complexes are very, very close to each other.  Owner will consider selling individual complexes.   Most have new roofs.   This owner is a man of integrity and has very well-maintained properties.  What's the upside?   I would continue to increase rents and improve the property.  Please email for financials. 

#24 I may be marketing a 42 unit in Lockland/Cincinnati.    I had a conversation with the owner, but I have not received financials yet.   I have some information.  

#25 There are three – 4-unit buildings all owned by the same owner.   8209-8211 Vine and 215-217 W 70th, Cincinnati.   For all 12 units, he wants $430,000.


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