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Turkey Resort Investment Opportunity!

Updated: May 20

Three separate development projects In Turkey.

Looking for one or more investors to partner for 50% of profits.

- The money will be transferred to the bank.

If there is a less expensive option, it will be.

- The developer will build 1200 apartments and 37 detached villas. Market, fitness, sauna, Turkish bath, cafe, bar, hotel, indoor pool, pool, playground, mini golf and tennis area will be built.

- 1 m x 1m = 1 m2 (square meter)

- The developer will spend (invest) the remaining money ($ 21,878,000)

- The hotel's fine works are not included because the difference is in the suite. The developer will build a very luxurious hotel.

- For the sale of houses $81,195,000, the hotel is out of this money.

- The investor will split the profits. 50/50

Only 51% of the hotel (only) will be owned and controlled by the developer, 49% will go to the investor plus the 50% split of the rest of the project.

Location: Mersin in Turkey. 15 kms from Erdemli district of Mersin.

The municipality does not give a number without building. Therefore, it does not have an address.

Registered of deeds; Mersin/Silifke/Hacıisakı Parcel# 2809

Investor says he can increase the business capacity to 3000 apartments in a short time ($100,000,000).  For the right investor.

He has been living in Mersin since 1972. He has been a construction contractor since 1985. He thinks it's time to do the big jobs. He has the technical capacity to make 3000 apartments

If you invest in this project the funds will go toward: Materials 65%, workers 35% .

Mersin is a city of agriculture, tourism and trade.

Its nature is wonderful. Summer season is 8 months. The land is  20 km from the district. Adana Airport 110 km away. Customers are from Mersin, Ankara, Kayseri, Adana, Gaziantep and Russians, Ukrainians

(You) The Investor shall be a Financial Investor. The investor gives the company account $ 21,550,000 in cash (land title is transferred to the company's name) and 18 months x 575,000 USD = 10,350.000 USD. Total US $ 31,900,000

-Land: 77 912 m2. 37 villas, 1200 homes (-) market, fitness, sauna, Turkish bath, cafe, bar,  hotel, indoor pool, out pool, playground, mini golf, and tennis area.

See image below:

Construction zone 125.000 m2 -Construction cost total $ 53,778,000.  Sales will be in the money $81,195,000.(Excluding hotel)  Winnings $27,417,000  Winnings, investor 50%,  construction contractor 50% Profit 50% Only the rough construction of the hotel is included in the cost. Decorations not included. 51% of the hotel will be owned by R. Naci Ateş

Mersin/Turkey- İnvestor-24,053m2

Close to the airport, there will be shuttle.

Situation plan

See image below:

Mersin/Turkey- İnvestor-24,053m2

Plot 24,053m2, Construction zone 30,000m2 198 apartments, 32 villages to be built (-) market, fitness, sauna, Turkish bath, cafe, bar, restaurant, outdoor pool, indoor pool, playground, basketboll and mini golf area. The land is 25 km from the district. Airport 105 km away. Customers are from Mersin, Ankara, Kayseri, Adana, Gaziantep and Russians, Ukrainians. This plot is not ours. We will purchase a portion. 35.5% of apartments will be given instead of money for the rest. Construction cost  $8,940,000 Winnings $3,700,000 Investor invests $ 1,500,000 in cash and 10 months x 300,000 USD = 3000,000 USD Total $4,500,000 Profit sharing  50%-50%

Position 1

villa 1

villa 2

See image below:


The land is 12 km from the village and 37 km from the district. To Adana airport  185 km. Customers are from Mersin, Ankara, Kayseri, Adana, Gaziantep, Ukrainians, Russians and Belgians.

Land 10,003 m2 Construction area 5,500 m2 We will build 18 luxury villas Construction cost $ 2,925,000 Sales amount $ 4,800,000 Earnings $ 1,875,000 Investor will give $ 1,200,000 in advance (land title is transferred to the company's name). 8 months x $ 100,000 installment, total $ 2,000,000 Profit sharing  50%-50%

Floor Plans 1st floor

Floor Plans 2nd floor

Floor Plans

Financial Breakdown of the Construction Work

Financial Breakdown of the Construction Work2

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